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Art Print Subscription

Art Print Subscription

from 75.00

Please note that the images in this listing will not be the art prints you will receive, but rather examples of past prints.

This is a quarterly Art Print Subscription and members will be mailed a new art print at the beginning of each quarter (April, July, October, January) for one year. These will all be brand new designs, created exclusively for subscription members. Designs will range in size, color, subject matter and print processes (Linocut, digital printing, risograph, screenprint, etc.)

Retail value of each art print will be $15-$25/each - with a one year subscription being $75 for US address, $95 for Out of Country address. Shipping will be paid once at checkout, and the shipping for the other three prints is included in the subscription cost.

Subscription members may also receive additional Wit and Co print goods such as post cards, coasters, stickers, etc. with their quarterly subscriptions.

Subscriptions cannot be cancelled, but I can forward them to a new address, if needed.

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