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Sample Sale

Sample Sale

from 10.00

Clearing out the studio and offering some bundled sample sale deals! These grab bags include items that are: overstock, out of season, slightly imperfect, samples, original artworks, or are packaged in our older packaging. Trying to clear out some inventory for lots of new items this year. Available while supplies last. See Below for specific items in each grab bag price range. 

*Due to the large volume orders, your order will be shipped within 7 days*

$10 Grab Bag 

Comes with $25+ value assorted goods. At least 1 art print and 1 enamel pin included, along with other items.


$20 Grab Bag

Comes with $50+ value assorted goods. Selection of art print(s), greeting cards, gift tags, enamel pin(s) and other items.


$30 Grab Bag 

Comes with $70+ worth of retail goods. Assorted items may include: gift wrap, art print(s), greeting card set(s), notepad, enamel pin(s) along with other items.

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